Example: Kalanoro.
Example: Mothman.

Before creating an article for any cryptid, add an image of it that is taller than it is wide. This will later be added by an admin to the main page. You can crop it from a larger image if you wish. Also add an image longer than it is high. You can use the first image you uploaded, but its better to have a shorter, longer one. (NOTE: The first image you upload can be cropped from the larger image).

After this, create your article:

  • Infobox- fill in the infobox using the template "Infobox creature".
  • Quote- not needed, though it is usually nice to add a quote to the top of the page using the template of the same name.
  • Opening paragraph- explain general infomation about the cryptid.
  • Attributes- explain the cryptids appearance and behaviour
  • Sightings- give a list of sighting by date.
    • Biography- if the article is about an individual cryptid, like Zana, replace "sightings" with "biography".
  • Gallery- if there are lots of availible images, put a gallery at the bottom of the page.

Finally, add the categories to the page. Any major mistakes will probably be cleared up by an admin, but its best to be careful anyway.

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